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We are the premium mountaineering organisation of south Bengal. We started our journey long ago on 13th june, 1995. From the very beginning we are engaged in various adventure sports activities like mountaineering expedition, hiking, rock climbing, coastal trek, bike and cycle expedition. We have successfully conducted mount Karcha, Kedardome, Mount Hunuman Tibba, Mount Yunam expedition. In the year 2016 our member Subhas Paul had successfully Summited Mount Everest. Till now we have conducted 23 Rock Climbing & Nature Study Course. Till now we have trained more than 4000 students about the basic of mountaineering. Several of our members have taken training (Basic, Advance, Method of Instruction, Search & rescue) from reputed mountaineering institutes under Govt of India. But we have not restricted ourselves only to adventure sports.

From the very beginning we are also engaged in several social activities. We have conducted awareness programmes like AIDS, Thalassemia, road safety etc. We have conducted rescue operation in Bankura flood and Relief operation after the flood.

In the last three years we have conducted coastal trek from Chandipur to digha, Sandakphu & phalut trek in Darjeeling. Rock Climbing & Nature study course at Susunia Hill, Bike rally from Bankura to Ayadhya Hill and Cycle rally from Bankura to Susunia, with the motto “Sobuj Bon, Sustho Mon”, desert trek In Thar desert Jjaisalmer, Rajasthan, Jungle trek from Pakhi Pahar to Ayadhya Hill top, Parasnath Hill trek in Jharkhand, Tonglu Trek in Darjeeling.

“Gandheswari Anusandhan” (River basin trek From source to end) for the first time in this river for any human being.

As social activities we have celebrated Children’s Day by providing one day rock climbing training to needy children. During the COVID-19 lockdown we distributed COVID relief to several villages of Bankura. We have also distributed relief materials to several SOBOR and KHERIA people. During this time we distributed such materials to malnourished children and pregnant women. We also distributed sharees to the women of red light area of Gopalganj, Bishnupur, Bankura. We distributed food, clothes, medicines, toilet materials etc to the residents of leprosy mission, Bodra, Bankura.

We conduct Susunia Hill Cleaning Programmes continuously from top to bottom..

We hope that we will be able to carry out such kinds os activities in future with full enthusiasm.